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Riverlane Blackthorn's Wonderboy


(picture at 2 years)


Call name:  Wonder
DOB:   10/23/14
Color:  Ylw

OFA hips good
OFA elbows normal
OFA LR-CA8730/12M/C-VPI-Echo
Optigen normal/clear by parentage
EIC clear by parentage
Eyes ACVO clear
Full dentition, good scissor bite


Bred by Susan Huntzinger & Ellen Sparks

Show Record

  • Reserve W.D to a major at the Sporting Dog Group - Jan. 13, 2017

  • WD/BOW for 2 points, Judge Pluis Daveron - Dec. 11, 2016

  • Reserve W.D. Del Valle, Judge Andrew Metcalfe - Oct. 23, 2016

  • WINNERS DOG, at GGLRC Specialty for a 4 Point Major, Judge Sharon Celentano - Oct. 22, 2016

  • First Open Yellow GGLRC Specialty Judge Gary Johnson -  Oct 21, 2016

  • First Open Yellow LRC 2016 National Judge Jean Louis Blais (Chablais) - Oct. 13, 2016

  • First Open Yellow PSLRA Specialty  under Judge Kendall Herr - 8/5/16

  • First Open Yellow PSLRA Specialty under Judge Jill Di Gesare - 7/15/16

  • BOS Sweeps from the 9-12 months class at the Golden Gate LRC under Diane Mulliken - 10/17/15 

  • 1st place Regular Class at the RCLRC under Clare Senfield & 1st in Sweeps under Katie Somers - 7/10/15 

  • 1st place Regular Class at the RCLRC  under Michael Woods - 7/9/15



Winners Dog at the GGLRC Specialty - Oct. 2016




2 years





Wonder at 12 months

(Photo by Lizzie Moir)


12 months




Wonder at 6 months





4 months ... and Wonder's first bird!




Wonder and sister Lottie at 4 months




6 weeks (left) and 7 weeks (right)




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